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Your IT environment is our playground. We support your company in making decisions, how to use information technology to meet your business objectives.



We will help you to define, design, build and improve your IT environment based on your requirements, focusing on a high level of continuity.



We build software solutions and automate the hell out of your IT environment, always based on your needs. Transparency and usabilty is our key for a successful implementation.


New requirements and faster release cycles require more agile methods. Though classic operations is unable to compete with the agile methods well-known from development.

DevOps will help you to merge some of the development and operations processes, to benefit from a much more agile environment, so that you can focus on the end user experience again.

It's not a technology - it's a culture! DevOps changes the way of thinking, acting, and finally solving problems. We can help you understand, what DevOps is, and how your company can benefit from it.


As enterprise IT environments grow, the complexity do as well. Based on these conditions, automation becomes more important than ever.

Automation will reduce the risk of outages, increase productivity of your processes, and provide a high continuity of your IT environment.

We can help you to design, build and improve your automation processes in a rapid changing technological environment. We've a lot of automation experience, no matter if you're looking for a Shell Scripter, Python Guru, Django enthusiast or Configuration Management expert.

Open Source

We're living in a world of free and open software. Whatever you're looking at, your servers, this website, a vending machine or even your car, open source might part of it and becomes important.

Open Source has always been a passion of ours, it has a big influence in our lives, and of course, finally in our small company. Because we can profit in so many ways from Open Source, we're always trying to give something back. We've a lot of small Open Source projects and we're contributing to other Open Source projects as well.

Skills some insights in our daily business

debian logo


  • open source Linux
  • stable & secure
  • just awesome
ubuntu logo


  • open source Linux
  • Debian based
  • developed by Canonical
Ubuntu Canonical
redhat logo

Red Hat Linux

  • enterprise Linux
  • commercial market
  • developed by Red Hat
Red Hat
AIX logo


  • proprietary UNIX OS
  • dynamic & reliable
  • developed by IBM
docker logo


  • Linux containers
  • build, ship & run
  • portable & cloud ready
ansible logo


  • config management
  • orchestration
  • official Ansible partner
check42 logo


  • bash script framework
  • quality control
  • developed by us
zabbix logo


  • monitoring system
  • dynamic & scalable
  • contributing the PHP API
Zabbix PHP Zabbix API
gitlab logo


  • Git SCM
  • version control
  • enterprise support
python logo


  • programming language
  • powerful, fast & efficient
  • we're donating to the PSF
python PSF
django logo


  • Python web framework
  • fast, secure & scalable
  • we're donating to the DSF
django DSF
web logo

web dev

  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Web 2.0
Web 2.0 on Wikipedia

TEAM let us introduce ourselves

Dominique Barton
our automation guy
A Python & Linux DevOps enthusiast, focused on infrastructure automation processes.
Robert Brem
our DevOps Guy
A DevOps and Agile specialst, focused on the development process.
Cheryl Oberholzer
our Frontend Girl
Brings a broad experience in planning and building web interfaces for small to large platforms with a heart for semantic and adorable frontends.
Thaddeus Zambellis
our python guy
Talent in backend development.
Andreas Ignjatovic
our consulting guy
Skilled in advising and helping customers with a focus on coordinating projects.
Houssem Gasmi
our trainee
Talent in frontend development.
Justin Arpagaus
The new one
Currently the apprentice in confirm IT Solutions since February.


Assistenz der Geschäftsleitung (m/w)

Pensum: 40% bis 80%. Arbeitsort: St. Gallen

Wir helfen unseren Kunden agile Prozesse und Strukturen umzusetzen und komplexe Herausforderungen im digitalen Umfeld zu lösen. Dazu nutzen wir unser Know-how aus den Bereichen Consulting, System-Engineering und Development. Hast du Lust ein Teil eines kreativen und interdisziplinären Teams zu werden ?

Deine Rolle

  • Erfassen und Stellen von Rechnungen in einer hochautomatisierten ERP Umgebung
  • Debitoren und Kreditoren Management

Was dich ausmacht

  • Spass am Wissensaustausch mit dem Team
  • Erfahrung im Bereich Buchhaltung
  • Du setzt dich gerne mit Menschen auseinander und bist dabei durchsetzungsstark
  • Die Suche nach einer passenderen, einfacheren oder eleganteren Lösung macht dich kreativ
  • Lösungsorientierung und «can do» Mentalität machen dich aus
  • Du möchtest Verantwortung übernehmen und die Firma aktiv mitgestalten
  • Pluspunkte hast du, wenn du vor trockenem Humor nicht zurückschreckst

Darauf kannst du dich freuen

  • Ein agiles, passioniertes Team mit viel Humor und gegenseitigem Respekt
  • Fachliche Weiterentwicklung, Raum für innovative Projekte
  • Flexible Arbeitszeiten sind für uns selbstverständlich
  • Kurze Entscheidungswege, viel Einfluss und Selbstbestimmung
  • Sehr. Sehr. Guten. Kaffee.

Haben wir dein Interesse geweckt? Siehst du dich als Teil unseres Teams? Dann freuen wir uns auf deine Unterlagen und einigen Worten zu dir auf

confirm IT solutions GmbH
Robert Brem CIO
Rathausstrasse 14, CH-6340 Baar
+41 79 466 21 91,

PS: Wir suchen noch weitere Mitarbeitende:

  • Developer Consulting
  • Softwareentwickler

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